Enhanced Investment Partners

Enhanced Investment Partners, LLC (“Enhanced”) is a Registered Investment Advisor [IARD # 142297] established for the purpose of providing the Enhanced Dynamic® domestic equity overlay methodology to investment consulting organizations, investment provider platforms [such as ETF providers and mutual fund platforms],  financial organizations and  institutional level corporate and governmental retirement plans.

The Enhanced Dynamic® methodology is founded in proven, prudent, quantitative investment discipline and is not a short term trading or investment timing strategy.

The Enhanced Dynamic® Methodology is a logical, consistently applied prudent investment methodology. The methodology is founded in thoroughly researched, vetted, academically verified and validated studies, and proven within mid-market and institutional investment portfolios.

The Enhanced Dynamic® methodology succeeds by allocating more assets to outperforming domestic equity styles and capitalization sizes and fewer assets to underperforming styles and capitalizations.  By using a fully quantitative methodology, Enhanced Dynamic® assists with these important tasks:

–      Increase portfolio returns; both absolute and relative.

–      Increase risk adjusted equity returns.

–      Improves upon static (passive) allocation strategies, that result in “average” equity performance.

–      Reduces the often unwarranted and undisciplined active allocation decisions, while removing emotion that otherwise could lead to equity underperformance.

–      Reduces the expense of unwarranted changes in investment managers and investment vehicles.

–      Adds discipline, reasoning and a proven successful process to portfolio decisions, improving fiduciary oversight.

As investment strategists, Enhanced Investment Partners is indifferent to the independent investment managers or investment vehicle selection chosen by our clients or their investment advisors, provided there is clear style adherence of the investment managers and vehicles. We will work with the client’s advisors in the review and selection of suitable candidates per the client specifications. Our experience has demonstrated that the typical client using Enhanced Dynamic® will not need to change their existing style adherent  investment managers or vehicles in order to benefit from the Enhanced Dynamic® overlay methodology.